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Chevy - 29/03/2017 - 15:03

hey guys, just gonna let you know I am going out of town today and so I will see you guys some time this weekend

Smokey - 27/03/2017 - 19:08

yes Buddha, B3 is a bit stricter with the new version. so go wash your mouth with soap :)

VIPBUDDHA - 25/03/2017 - 01:23

so much for a human slip up...

VIPBUDDHA - 25/03/2017 - 01:22

wow, pretty intense kick if you say a bad word...

SavageGirl - 24/03/2017 - 16:44

Hi all !! Have a good day :)

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We had some issues with the registrer option. This is solved now and you can go ahead and registrer!

If you have any kind of problems while entering the server, first try to delete some maps in your UO folder. After some rotations (13 maps each rotation) this folder can get a bit of a mess and clearing some maps is your first thing to try.

Thanks to  your donations we almost reached our donation goal for 2016. If you are willing to help achieve our target for 2017 and therefor keeping this server alive,  please consider a donation!

Latest rotation (thanks to Lisa):
Gaperon, V2, Chateau de VIP, South central, Harbornew (bolts only), Wolfsquare, Rocket, Amberville, Prague, Base beta, Mountainpath, Townville, Abbey

We are getting a lot of map requests. If you have any suggestions, just let us know at the forum: click here

Registering on this website does not make you a member. [VIP] members are players that help around to keep the server a great place to be. They can help you with playing the game. Some of them have some advanced rights, like tempban and maprotate.

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Rule #1: Speak to and treat others with respect.
Rule #2: No offensive, racial, or homophobic language.
Rule #3: No hacking or cheating.
Rule #4: Don't accuse people of hacking or cheating unless you have proof
Rule #5: Don't interrupt others gameplay
Rule #6: Don't recruit for your clan/group on this server
Rule #7: No advertising or spamming of websites or servers

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